a new building

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IMG_20170318_161239_250Moving in to a brand new building is great in many ways. You’re the first one to use everything and noone has touched every single inch of your home before you (I am kinda a germaphobe, so I think of stuff like that). No weird smells, everything is clean, everything is new. It’s awesome! 
But, on the minus side…you are the one using everything for the first time. You are the one that gets to check if everything works in the apartment, and some things unfortunately doesn’t. Like, I broke the curtain the first day (which is fixed already, I love how quick they are) and yesterday we tried the dishwasher twice, but there was no water coming in, so it didn’t work. But the guy came here a minute ago and fixed it in like two sec, so it’s all good now. 
It’s not a big deal. We knew that it can be a bit risky to move in to a place we know nothing about, but mostly, it’s all great!

The snow on our terrace has almost melted now. Every time we went to see the apartment it was either heavy rain or too much snow so we couldn’t go out on the terrace. And when we moved in this weekend it was so much snow we couldn’t even open the door. But I have been out there to check it out a few times now. I love it. It’s huge! We don’t know what kind of furniture we want there yet though. We want a dinner table and some comfy chairs, but I have to say, it’s not easy to pick it out. Wood is nice, but after a few days of rain you’ll have to through them away since they gonna look bad. Jim wants some frosted glass table but I think it looks too much like a cafe. We’ll see what we can find. It’s fun to look for outdoor stuff:) I’m excited to buy some plants to decorate out there with too. 

Sun in my face 

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Thor is not used to all the new sounds, so he wakes up in the middle of the night and barks when the heating system turns on. I was awake for an hour or so around 3, but I still woke up with lots of energy! Since the curtain broke yesterday, it’s not all the way down now which meant that the sunrise came and woke us up. Love it! When I lived in Sweden, I never liked shutting my blinds in the summer cause I wanted every single minute of sun and I loved waking up with the sun right in my face. Although the sun never goes down on some days so you get less sleep, but totally worth it 😊

We found out that there is a pet area with a trashcan by the garage, so I took T there this morning. Before we went back to our apartment I grabbed a cappuccino with extra espresso from the coffee machine in our lobby. Not the best coffee, but when it’s free, why not enjoy it:)
Jim is at work and we have both a repair man for the curtain and a cable guy coming today, so I’m just gonna stay at home and continue to unpack and wait for the guys. Probably gonna spend time in our walk-in-closet and see how I want it in there. Need to buy some organization things I think. Unpacking, decorating and organizing is so much fun! Last night I put stuff in the cabinets in the kitchen, took them out, moved it around, put it in again and so on for a long time. I want it to make sense and since I’m short I need most important things on the bottom, but I can’t put everything there🙈

I’m gonna finish my breakfast now. Have an awesome day!

First morning in Stamford

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Hi! We are in Stamford! Moved in to our new home yesterday.

This apartment is biiiig! So much space. We haven’t even been upstairs really cause we have things to do on our first floor first. The terrace up there is full of snow too so can’t open the door. I unpacked some boxes already and soon we can start to decorate and make it a home:) We need some new furniture, like a sofa bed for upstairs, a desk for my husband and chairs for the bar. Maybe we can go look at stuff today. Need to train Thor to be alone here little by little first though. It was tough for him yesterday (you can follow his “moving” experience on his instagram, @athorablenyc). We drugged him but that didn’t work, still super anxious and stressed. So we need to take it slow with training again.

This morning I woke up excited after sleeping like a rock. Took Thor out and notice that noone picks up after their dogs here. I don’t know if they are just lazy or if it’s because there’s no trashcans. I had to bring it inside and walk to the trash shoot. We came back in and I wanted to roll the curtains up for the sun to come in,…and..the string broke, can’t pull it up. That sucks. Hopefully they can fix that soon. This is a brand new building, we are the first ones to live here, that shouldn’t happen.

Anyway, I just made coffee and we are enjoying it on the couch with the sun in our faces. Super nice! No Freedom Tower view but still pretty nice! Suburb life starts now:)

The city shut down

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snowstorm-niko-feb2017_01 snowstorm-niko-feb2017_02 snowstorm-niko-feb2017_03 snowstorm-niko-feb2017_04 snowstorm-niko-feb2017_05Photos from snowstorm Niko in February this year. 

Snowstorm Stella is here todayNot much snow on the ground yet, but the city suspects it to be really bad, so everything is shut down. All the subways are down. My husband is working from home of course, and a day with snow means a whole day of packing for me.
Yesterday was a very nice day. It was cold but not windy for once, so I tried to really enjoy it then and purposely didn’t do much packing since I knew today was going to be like this. In the afternoon I went up on our rooftop to take some dance photos. I did a “photo shoot” with my sister there a year ago and I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to have some photos of my own. Of course, I waited until we are moving, haha. It’s hard to be the model and the photographer at the same time thought :)

A clip from February. Let it load fully before watching it:


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Thor-snow-march10-2017Thor on Friday morning. It’s been sunny all weekend and tomorrow we are having another snowstorm.

We started packing for real this weekend. I was busy all day yesterday and when I woke up this morning it looked like I had just put things into piles, not actually packed anything. Need to get a lot done today, cause I want to enjoy the city as much as possible the last days here, snow or not:)
Jim and I were very tired yesterday from the night before so we slept in and had a slow morning before we started packing. When I was all up in organizing in the bedroom, J suddenly comes in and tells me that it’s an hour later than we thought. What? Oh. Daylight savings. So, all of a sudden the day was just passing by quickly.
Doing things like packing, it’s my way or no way, so J didn’t really know what to do, haha. So I sent him on missions like doing laundry, buying bubble wrap and taking Thor for walks while I was organizing at home. Plus, he works hard during the week, so I don’t mind if he wants to watch a game or two on TV while I get things done:) It feels like it’s mostly books, clothes, picture frames and smaller things to be used as space fillers. Doesn’t seem so hard to pack, right, but it’s mostly that I don’t know the best way to pack things. For some reason we have a lot of fragile stuff so I want to make sure that everything will make it ok to the new apartment. You never know how the movers will handle boxes. 

5 am

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Thor needed to go out to do some business at 4:50 this morning. My husband had already been out once at 3am but T didn’t really do anything then, so I thought at first that it’s gonna be bad, but it wasn’t, yay. He did his business right away and then I took him to the “forbidden area”. 
New York City is full of signs where you can not take your dog or let him do his things. It’s so many rules here that they should only have signs of what you can do and where you can walk, it would make it easier. My favorite spots is right behind our building and you can’t bring your dog there. But, I have been taking him here a few times when it’s this early in the morning since there is no parks people watching you. I’m still a good dog owner though. I don’t let him run around in the gardens or pee on flowers. There’s no harm in having him sit next to me quietly on a bench when there is noone else around, so I don’t feel bad about it. 

We sat on a bench, listening to the water for a while. It was so peaceful. I just love the sound of the ocean and this is something I will really really miss when we move. A mother and her child came and it caught Thor’s attention. She let her son play wherever he wanted, ruining the gardens, while she was playing on her phone. My dog behaved better than this kid. Anyway. Our moment was over, so we got up and started walking to Wagner Park but it was kinda windy over there so we turned back. 

I made some tea when we came home. Thor has been sleeping next to me on the couch. My husband just got up to get ready for work. I’m starting to feel a little tired, but I’m gonna fight it. Before I woke up, I had dreams about cleaning, so maybe I’ll do that today:) I can empty some cabinets and start cleaning there. 

5am-march9-2017_03 5am-march9-2017_02 5am-march9-2017_04