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thor-fluffballBefore haircuttheroost-coffee thor-unleashedspa-sept2016He was such a good boy in there:)
presidential-debate thor-haircut-sept2016-02 thor-haircut-sept2016-01After

Yesterday, I took Thor to 13th Street and Avenue B. Thor was behaving well on the subway, didn’t make a peep, he just sat there on my lap smiling at people. When we came to Unleashed Spa, he kinda freaked out cause he knew I was leaving him. He’s very attached to us these days. I went to The Roost next door to have coffee and read in my book while waiting. Jim showed up after an hour and soon we could go and pick Thor up. He’s soooo cute! His face always looks a bit weird, no matter if we ask for long or short or whatever, but it will soon grow out again so it does not matter much. He is super soft now!
In the evening, we of course, like everyone else, watched The Presidential Debate. No matter who of these two that will win, it will for sure be interesting to see how America will turn out. I’m not registered to vote (since I’m not a citizen yet) so I haven’t followed or read much about…well..anything. Maybe I should though. This is my home now and I care about my new country. 

Mornings in BPC

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fanny-wagnerpark-sept2016 hudsonriver-sept2016

On Sunday morning, Jim and I bought coffee and sat by the Wagner Park down here in Battery Park. So beautiful. I feel like I haven’t appreciated this area enough and now when we might have to leave it, I’m kinda freaking out and want to enjoy every second of it.
My husband’s friends from Minnesota was here over the weekend. I let them have their guy time together for most of it. I joined them for food but that was about it. I think it’s important that they can just hang out without their wives and do whatever stupid things they want.

First Day of Fall

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The summer ended at 10:21. I am not ready for fall yet. Good thing it’s still warm in NYC and next weekend we are going to Florida, so I get to enjoy the summer a bit longer. 
Today I’m supposed to have some guys to come and do things in the bathroom and kitchen. They will do all the apartments in the building, so who knows when they will come today, or if it’s even today. The weather is lovely so I would actually like to enjoy it, but I want to be able to quickly take Thor out of the way when the guys shows up. Hmm, maybe I should just bring a lot of water and T can come with me:)

New York Coffee Festival

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ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-15ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-01ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-03 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-02 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-05 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-10 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-14 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-09 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-13 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-11 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-08 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-07 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-12 ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-06ny-coffee-festival_2016_fannys-04

On Sunday, we went to the New York Coffee Festival. Hours of coffee, coffee and more coffee. Our hands were shaking when we left, haha. Coffee places from around NY and Brooklyn gave out samples of their coffees. Hot, cold, flavored, spiced, espressos and everything else you can think of. They had latte art competitions, barista interviews and live music too. It was nice to just walk around and sip coffee.
I was kinda hoping people would talk about their products and special things to promote why people should visit their coffee shop or whatever, but too many times it was just more awkward silence until my husband or I asked questions, which kinda ends after “what country is the coffee from”. I love coffee and I have a barista certificate, but that doesn’t mean I have questions to every single coffee shop. They should work on their promoting skills. But other than that, I had a lot of fun. I even ended up with two books and a box of tea coffee. 

I sondags var vi pa the New York Coffee Festival. Timmar av kaffe, kaffe och mer kaffe. Vara hander skakade nar vi gick darifran, haha. Kaffestallen fran NY och Brooklyn gav ut prov av deras kaffe. Varmt, kallt, smaksatt, kryddat, espressos och allt annat du kan tanka dig. De hade latte konst tavlingar, barista intervjuer och live musik ocksa. Det var trevligt att bara ga rund och sippa pa kaffe. 
Jag hoppades dock att folk skulle prata om sina produkter och special grejer for att promota varfor folk borde besoka deras kaffestalle eller liknande, men alldeles for manga ganger var det mer bara obekvam tystnad tills min man eller jag stallde fragor, vilket typ slutar efter “vilket land kommer kaffet ifran”. Jag alskar kaffe och jag har ett barista certifikat, men det betyder ju inte att jag har fragor till varje kaffestalle. De borde jobba pa deras promoting skills. Men annars, jag hade valdigt roligt. Jag kopte t.o.m tva bocker och en box med te kaffe.